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XL Scrunchies! Handmade from Naturally Plant Dyed Silk


Color: Blue

XL Scrunchies! Handmade from Naturally Plant Dyed Silk

These silk scrunchies were dyed with a variety of plants & flowers.

  • XL sized scrunchie

  • 100% Habotai Silk

  • sewn and dyed by hand in Chicago, IL


Most of the plant material Laila Textiles uses either comes from their own kitchen as an effort to have no food waste, the food waste of a local Chicago restaurant, or a trusted online plant supplier. All supplies and material are sourced from companies with the same ethical practices as Laila Textiles. 


Your naturally dyed silk is unique & should be cared for thoughtfully. Hand wash only with natural soap, hang to dry. 

To Note

Due to the nature of natural dye, each scarf & it's color/ markings will vary slightly. This creates an 100% unique item. We love the variety that comes from plant dyes and believe this makes it that much more special.