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Sile Halter Dress


SKU:   2013MS

Color: Marine Striped

Sile Halter Dress

Chic, elegant, and extensively comfortable, the Sile halter dress is perfect for all body types and can be easily adjusted by the ropes on the neck area. Looking for the perfect summer dress for the cocktail party or even a beach wedding; hop into the halter dress day and night, and get your dinner party started! Hand-loomed from organic cotton, washed in the sea, dried on the sand, the fabric of the dress has durability and a unique soft texture, letting the gauzy Sile fabric breathe and touch the skin lightly.  One size fits most.

Width:25 in

Length: 49 in

Washing Instructions: Machine wash on cold or warm. Do not use bleach.  Do not tumble dry. Since the fabric is crinkle by nature, pull at both ends softly.  Do not iron. Do not dry clean.