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Playing Card Deck with 54 hand cut bird collages


Playing Card Deck with 54 hand cut bird collages

Bunny With A Toolbelt created a high quality, limited edition deck of playing cards that features 55 original hand cut bird collages. This is a standard-sized (poker) playing card deck that was printed by the United States Playing Card Company, makers of Bicycle Brand decks, so they will last for years and years of continuous use.

Printed with 100% recyclable and repulpable paper, 100% nontoxic inks, starch based adhesives, water based coatings, and USA based and FSC certified raw paper suppliers.

This deck was a top five finalist for the Diamond Award Deck of the Year--a prestigious honor bestowed annually by 52 Plus Joker (52+J), the premiere playing card collecting society. The Diamond Awards are like the Oscars of the playing card world, given annually during the Gala Dinner that concludes the 52+J Annual Convention.