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Modular 3D printed eco-friendly vase


Modular 3D printed eco-friendly vase

The modular NU vase is designed and 3D printed on the West Coast of France. Vases and planters from Minimum Design are unique in the world of 3D printing in part because of the really high quality design work and in part because of the clever use of reclaimed wood as a component of the 100% vegetal and sustainable material. The NU vase features modular components that can be rearranged for a variety of vases each with their own look. It is recommended to use this vase with dried flowers. 

Height 20 cm x inner diameter 5.5 cm

This vase is made from an organic and eco-friendly material: a mixture of recycled wood (30%), and bioplastic made from corn (70%). Its composition makes it renewable and biodegradable!