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DINOSAURS Coloring + Activity: Mazes, Puzzles, Jokes + MORE

This book is the perfect fit for the dinosaur-lover as well as the dinosaur-newbie! It features well-known favorite dinosaurs (looking at YOU, T-Rex) and dinosaurs worth meeting for the first time (hello, Hatzegopteryx). This Coloring and Activity book is unlike anything else out there, and kids and parents can tell the difference! - Full of JOKES that keep kids laughing. - Packed with FUN FACTS that keep kids turning page and featuring a unique VARIETY of activities engage different parts of the brain, holding kids' attention for longer. - Works for a BROAD RANGE of ages. Even PARENTS have enjoyed doing the activities! - Activities strike the right balance between challenging and doable, which makes them VERY REWARDING to complete! These creative activities and fun-fact coloring pages relieve stress and hold your attention. Release endorphins as you solve the puzzles and LAUGH as you discover the unexpected answers! Recommended for ages 8 and up!