THOLI Shopping Organizer, Cotton, high absorbency, Set of 4


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We thoughtfully designed this shopping organizer to help you keep your grocery items separate as you buy a variety of groceries. Go green! A beautiful replacement for plastic, it is made of a woven cotton fabric that is thin, yet very strong and durable, and breathable too. It has great absorbency as well. This material has been used for many, many years as a wipe-cloth or towel. Inside edges are finished and includes cross-stitching at the handles. So with these, you can keep those freezer items, meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. in separate bags as you shop, already separated for when you get home. Use as a gift bag, giveaway bag, candy bag, welcome bag and more. Select from two vibrant colors, red and blue. They come as a set of four, so you can keep them with your reusable grocery bag for ready use when you visit the grocery store. Throw them in the wash and reuse them over and over for many uses. Length 10.5" Breadth 10" Width/depth 2.5" Handle 1"W x 12"L