Propagation Cone


Ditch those toothpicks! Our propagation cones will have your rooting beautiful plant babies in no time! Using century-old metal spinning techniques, each cone is handcrafted from aluminum so they won't fall over. Just prop them into any glass you own, fill the glass with water and place a plant cutting, avocado seed, or anything that will root in water inside. With four different color options to choose from you're sure to find the hues that will best suit your home's color scheme. It's the ultimate conversation piece for plant lovers and plant lovers to be. If you're feeling unsure, we've got you covered! You'll also receive a printed mini-guide put together by plant-expert @themodernmonstera , to help you get started. Choose between three color combinations or classic white, and place your cone on a sunny shelf while you root (sorry) for your new plant to grow!