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Nourish - Sea Green Glass Tray


Nourish - Sea Green Glass Tray

A mindful home is more than a house. It is a sanctuary that nurtures and invigorates us. The Camp Copeland handmade Nourish trays help to achieve this through fine crafted form, nourishing color and pragmatic function. Taking inspiration from contemporary Scandinavian design and the Swedish concept of 'lagom', meaning "just right", the glass Nourish trays are a perfect accent to elevate and provide balance to your home decor. Each one is a handmade piece of art for everyday living intended to help you create a mindful home that inspires. 

How They’re made:

Camp Copeland handmade fused glass trays are carefully created through multiple firings in an electric kiln. First, two layers of sheet glass are fused together at 1500 degrees for durability. The piece is then re-fired into a handmade mold to the melting point to shape the tray. after the second firing, the piece is sandblasted. The final kiln firing is at a lower temperature to seal the glass and give it a soft, satin “fire polish”. Camp Copeland glassware is food safe and durable, but we do recommend hand washing and no microwaving. As each piece is handmade some slight variation is possible. Each piece of glassware is handmade in Pittsburgh, PA.

Outer Dimensions: 4.25”x10.25”x.25”