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Cigar No. 1 'Café size' 2.2 lbs DARK WHOLE / ORGANIC FAIR


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Our Cigar No. 1 (dark, whole) in our 2.2lb bag. Our café customers love it for espresso, drip, & [amazing] Cold Brew! -------- Cigar No. 1 is the perfect coffee to drink with your favorite cigar. Around the Caribbean, coffee and cigars are crafted near one another. They’re neighbors, so we wanted to craft the perfect coffee for anyone who enjoys cigars or rich flavorful coffee. Rich, chocolaty, full flavored with a CLEAN finish is how we describe this coffee. In fact it isn’t just for cigar lovers. It is an ideal coffee to pair with food too. The clean finish means that the coffee doesn’t dominate the other flavors in your food or cigar. The dark roast is great for cold mornings or bold cigars. *100% Made At The Source, Origin Roasted (Available in Medium or Dark roast) *100% Organic Specialty Arabica *Enjoy in all preparations, especially Cold Brew *2.2lbs bag is available in whole bean only *USDA Cert. Organic & Fair Trade *100% Made At the Source in Nicaragua