BOI Bookmarks - Hand Embroidered and Handmade


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Just as books are reader’s friends, bookmarks are a book’s companion! Our beautiful jute and cotton bookmarks in assorted and rich colors is our answer for those of you who read a lot and some who read several books at a time. They make really special gifts for all your book-lover friends! A unique design, we combine jute with rich cotton fabrics to make these. They are painstakingly handmade by our artisans and are beautiful used from the jute or fabric side. Understated embroidery on jute elegantly matches the cotton fabric. A cute tassel hangs at the top, assembled from multiple colored embroidery threads! As a zero-waste company, we proudly make these from remnant fabrics of our manufacturing process. Combine them with our Pouch Set for a gift to remember! They are gift wrapped in wrappers made from up-cycled saris. Ohrna patronizes jute because it is a natural vegetable fiber, biodegradable, naturally decomposable and strong and durable. Size: 1 1/2” wide and 6” long