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10am - 8pm

2081 Princeton Ave Sarasota

Never heard of bitters and soda? Yes, it’s a thing. A tasty thing that makes for a complex, satisfying drink any time of day. Our Orange Bitters & Soda is great on it's own - or make a fall inspired low alcohol cocktail by mixing with vermouth. Familiar with bitters and soda, but only from a bar when you’re choosing not to drink? We made ours a bit different. Crafted with the same integrity as our bitters, meaning all whole ingredients, but without any trace of alcohol or sugar. Seriously, absolutely none, not even trace amounts. A fresh, bright take on the classic "what to drink when you're not drinking". The Bitter Housewife Orange Bitters & Soda is completely free of alcohol and sugar but full of all the flavor of our best selling orange bitters. Carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients to be a balanced, stand-alone beverage. A Bitterly Honest Beverage you can drink any time of day. 12 fl oz unit dimensions: 2.25 in x 2.25 in x 6 in Case size: 14 in x 10 in x 6 in