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Modular Austin Vase


Modular Austin Vase

Made of 5 separate pieces the Modular Austin Vase by MINIMUM DESIGN is fun, innovative, and eco-friendly. The detailed and textural modular pieces can be easily rearranged to fit your mood or décor needs. The vase material is an innovative organic and environmentally friendly material: a mixture of recycled wood fibers and bio-plastic made from corn which makes a completely renewable material. This is a vase that is fun, sexy, cool and kind to the earth too.  

Perfect (and suggested) for dried flowers. Height: 20cm. Inner diameter: 5.5cm

MINIMUM DESIGN is an independent design studio begun in 2016 on the west coast of France. Their design process is thoughtful of the environment starting with their materials and continuing through production. New products are produced on-demand and created through an additive manufacturing process which limits waste by building the vase layer by layer.