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LOCA Ceramic Coffee Dripper V Shape


LOCA Ceramic Coffee Dripper V Shape

The LOCA Coffee Ceramic Dripper is an innovative, sustainable coffee dripper and you don't need disposable paper filer to pour over anymore! Its micropores filter coffee perfectly and it makes your coffee taste more clear and less bitter by removing impurities. For your learning, when you drip coffee 3 times a week with LOCA, you can save at least 150 paper filters a year and it's very sustainable as well as economical. 

As you may already understand it, LOCA simply filters coffee and any liquid. That being said, you can purity water and wine to have better and more clear tastes!! It's worth trying.

Some people may not still believe LOCA's function and how it works for your coffee. Please try one and share your experience with your friends and family! 


V-shape: Diameter 4.92in x H 3.93in (For 2-3 cups)

Material: Porous Ceramics